We Are White and all Charlie Hebdo

KING-RICHARD-VS-THE-UNTOUCHABLESKING RICHARD, Charlie Hebdo VS THE UNTOUCHABLES (picture): Both King Richard and Charlie Hebdo stood firm in face of darkness.

Let us firstly extend our deepest condolences to our French cousins. Inevitably the night is darkest before the dawn light and that slow dawn has begun in the the heart of Europe : France.

Nationalism is the New Drugs


Today as we laid flowers at the French consulate a marked sense of loss could be gauged among the consular staff and visitors.

Generally the feeling among all White people I met today was that this is a problem that we have to solve.  There is no more tolerance, this hopeless charade of trying to change someones genetic inheritance, this hideous culture of barbarism growing within our traditional living spaces, in the last few decades has its limits.

One topic we have discusses is the phonemenum of the Leftist – Rightist.  This event has polarised the activist, academic, journalist and media production communities of the Global Aryan West.  Our position here in Sydney is that if a person comes over to us, with no malice in their heart, then we will accept and protect them.

We urge all Whites everywhere to have the phone number of your local police unit geographically as well as the city central police command handy if an incident develops.  Reporting crime keeps it safe for everyone and uncomfortable for invaders.


Sydney White flowers

sydney siege woman

(Picture) White flower: Katrina Dawson, 38 year old mother of three and esteemed barrister.  A rising legal star cut down by jealousy and rage; Katrina scored a perfect 100 in her higher school certificate in 1995.

Today two beautiful White people passed into eternity.  They epitomised the Australian archetypical ideal: traveled, down to earth and laconic.

Sydney seige man

(picture) Hero: Tori Johnson, the 34 year old manager who selflessly sacrificed.  He was popular and well liked by staff, described by one former boss as “a selfless person, a person who always put other people before himself”.

They had the brightest of futures to come and families who loved them. One studied at Washington State, and ran  the flagship Lindt store in Martin Place, Sydney.

The other had studied at USYD and UNSW, and taught young law students how to develop arguments in open court.

They will both be remembered by all with the highest regard and their loss touches all Australians.

September note

Conscious communities create culture:

For the last fifty years, or, at least since as long as I can remember as a nationalist, pro White groups have been churning out the articles, leafleting letterboxes, selling the odd newspaper at one badly attended meeting after another.  You have to hand it to our side; we really have done a good job of formulating where we stand.  For such a powerless part of society, our output in terms of political material is huge.  There are literally thousands of far right articles online.  There are hundreds of books which are pro White or are about pro White themes.  I know of at least three of four online forums dedicated to White nationalism which are extremely active.   Yet why is it, given this large amount of organisation, ideological groundwork, and communication taking place within the White nationalist political body (and I use the term loosely, to encompass any pro White group or individual), why is it then that immigrant communities continue to overtake White communities, infiltrate them, overthrow them, and Whites end up fleeing?  Furthermore, Whites are routinely denied a place in the Establishment and its media.  So despite this prolific output of written material, this huge effort over many years, to simply educate the White populations of Australia, England, America, France, etc., we Whites are just as powerless as ever to stop this undemocratic situation.

What this article sets out to do is correct this trend.  It asks why the trend (the collapsed state of our White Communities) is what it is, that is, how come immigrant communities have come to be so large and powerful and Whites so powerless in their own countries.  It will discuss what we need to focus on instead: culture, and how this powerful tool will form the basis of our rise to influence.  This article is not focused on those White nationalists (and I use the term to encompass any conscious White) who are obsessively ideological or give to writing long winded articles.  White Nationalists desperately needed an alternative from this sort of ‘ideologue’ activist.  I’ll argue that we need White community organisers who are going to take an active part in raising up a new model White Community – since the old one has collapsed.  We’ll discuss how culture is going to play the leading role in forming this new Conscious White Community, and how it will regain its traditional place in our society as a subtle marker to outsiders that this is our area and from which they will voluntarily flee.  Believe it or not its similar to the strategy our opponents have been using on us since WW2.

So if you are dissatisfied with the current state of White nationalism, ‘waiting for Godot’ mentality that says ‘lets wait for a redeeming crisis to wake up the Whites’, read on.  It’s aimed at the doers rather than the thinkers, the ‘give it a red hot crack’ sorts, who are disaffected with the progress of the movement, rather than the armchair theoreticians.  I posit that there is enough theory out there as it is.  The only problem is the mentality that sees theory, culture and community as separate concepts.

So what is culture?  If you ask the average, educated White person, the definition will probably be something along the lines of opera, art (meaning paintings), and classical music, or something similar.  Ask an average White Nationalist and they will probably first define culture racially, and then say White culture is all about obeying the law, having respect for authority, not ripping people off, living peacefully, etc.

In effect however, neither of these definitions really captures the vital definition that culture plays in defining a race’s living space.  The actual vital role of culture, in relation to a race, is to have outsiders voluntarily flee from its living space, while simultaneously attracting the race’s members.

Immigrant communities, living in the West, understand this very well.  The current Chinatown of Sydney was a tiny two street affair in the 1920’s of Sussex and Dixon streets in inner Sydney.  Despite being a tiny amount of the population in the 1920’s, the Chinese community managed to hold onto those few blocks of prime real estate in Sydney.  One could say that they were living under an oppressive regime, being under the White Australian Policy and all, with no reinforcements on the horizon, and surrounded by thousands of strange pale eyed Anglo-Saxons with their strange ways.

However this community of beleaguered Chinese, which after 1901 received no overseas Chinese reinforcements, somehow managed to survive.  In fact it thrived.  By the time that huge numbers of reinforcements began to arrive in the early 1990’s in the form of Hong Kong Cantonese and later mainland Han Mandarin Chinese, Chinatown was flourishing.  They were able to take those reinforcements and go onto start satellite ‘Chinatowns’,  in reality  Chinese colonies, in Cabramatta, Ashfield, Hurstville, Eastwood, Campsie, Parramatta, Chatswood, Burwood and Flemington.  But the original Chinatown is the one that held on for years, in the face of what was basically, official government hostility (the White Australia Policy et al), and well as what must have a more general, unofficial hostility from the White population of Sydney.

How did it survive then?  Wouldn’t Johnny Chan, in the 1920’s, simply gather the family around the table one night and say, “Look guys, it’s so hard to live here, we’re surrounded by hostile, nasty Whites, the government hates us, and in fact they won’t let any more of us in.  They won’t give us the right to naturalise, or even vote, for god’s sake (this wouldn’t happen until a long time into the future in 1948 and 1957, respectively, in the tide of post war Liberalisation).  What the hell are we doing here?  The writing’s on the wall, let’s just go back to China”.

Of course none of this happened.  Chinatown survived and went onto do great things (for Chinese).  It’s secret?  It developed such a unique conscious culture that simultaneously both repulsed outsiders to the point they voluntarily avoid Chinatown, and attracted those Chinese who were left in Australia.  Repulsed you might ask?  How does a culture repulse someone?  Well when a White person thinks of Chinatown they think of a very shabby dirty smelly place with strange things in it and basically being full of Asians.  The culture is ducks coated in that golden slime stuff, hanging up in windows; that stink of watery cabbage, that comes from cooking rice; Chinese writing everywhere and on everything; strange little men in stranger clothes with pigtails and slippers.  The average White person who accidently ventured into those streets would have suddenly thought:  Holy hell what the devil am I doing here, it stinks, the people look weird, the writing scares me, and all that meat hanging up makes me want to retch, let me outta here!

The result was, despite being outnumbered and surrounded by hostile neighbours, the Chinese were able to eke out the vital living space they needed as a community to survive.  Gradually over the years they expanded into the surrounding streets: and guess what, White people just kept moving away.  Johnny Chan, instead of packing up, now was thinking of opening another restaurant.  And he did.  He figured out that his White neighbours would probably move sooner or later – he would even smile at them now and then.  He didn’t have to worry about being swamped, on the contrary it was he who was doing the displacing.  And as his constituency increased in size, gobbling up vacated real estate, suddenly Johnny Chan gained more and more influence, both in local politics and the media, slowly, but surely…

As discussed above, Johnny Chan didn’t do this displacement by culture unconsciously.  It didn’t ‘just happen’.  The Chinese knew very well what they were doing was essential to keeping Whitey at bay, and later became their main tool for advancing into White neighbourhoods and overthrowing them.  It was carefully calculated process, often two steps forward and one step back, intentioned all along to displace and overthrown White neighbourhoods values by a concentration of Chinese culture.  It was all that was required to get Whitey on the move.  And the great thing was this: you could do it again and again, and Whitey never seemed to understand what was going on.  The dynamics of this process eluded White people.  Unconscious of what was really going on, sometimes complaining ‘about immigration’, they just sighed, sold up, and moved further out.

It bears discussing, why then doesn’t White culture have this dynamism?  Why doesn’t it also both attract Whites and repel outsiders?  Why doesn’t it instil in them a race consciousness that Chinatowns seem to in the Chinese businesses and owners who run them?

The answer is simple: White culture is a fallen, unconscious culture.  Its dead, exhausted.  It lacks the basic requirement of any vital culture – the ability to stake out its living space and with a variety of cultural forms subtly tell outsiders: off with you, this is our space.  At this point it’s important to make an enormous distinction between Unconscious Whites and Conscious Whites.  This is because Chinese and other immigrants can often intuitively sense an Unconscious White person – ready to appease non-whites, will get out of the way, basically someone who subscribes to all that genocide propaganda they try to hook you with during your education.  Chinese and other immigrants don’t mind being around such people – they know they are harmless and likely to move on sooner or later (white flight).  However when they come across White nationalists, i.e. Conscious Whites, something twigs them, and they will voluntarily avoid that group.

For example, recently I was sitting outside a café in Newtown with three other Conscious Whites.  As usual, our talk was mainly about race, racial politics, White themes, etc.  Mostly White Nationalists will be aware of the topics usually discussed among our type.  As we sat there talking, I noticed a subtle effect on the Chinese people sitting near us.  They actually started moving away.

Essentially then, a vital culture, that repels outsiders, and that gathers its constituent members, is what White people have to adopt.

Which brings us to our next point: how culture creates communities.

In our own case, White nationalists need to discover the cultural keys to build their own communities.  By cultural keys I mean that we need to start producing our own cultural items and selling them in stalls, shops, front yards, back yards, and footpaths, anywhere we legally can in our target area.  Just that fact that our stall or shop is there is a cultural key in its self.  Furthermore we need to start our own distinctive style of street art that people can say when they see: ‘oh look, there’s that white nationalist stuff again’.  Beside street art its important that we also cover most available surface with our posters, leaflets, handbills, I’m sure everyone’s distinctive WN spin will have an influence on the developing White Nationalist cultural style.

Going on, we should start to develop cultural displays that basically attract insiders and repel outsiders.  We need to start claiming back a bit of sacred space.  We have lots of things to celebrate: ANZAC day, Australia Day, Long Tan Day – in fact the year if littered with days we could design festivals around that have been abandoned by the Cathedral (the NRx tumblr name for the Establishment – thought I’d just drop some knowledge on you :).  We can easily take these over and reinvent them for our use.

There is a rich lode of WN nostalgia that obviously needs to be researched.  Original photos of old nationalists and groups have the potential to be blown up and resold as prints.  Obvious characters like the Skull and Rockwell have the potential to be seen as cult figures.

Its important that we keep a foot inside the current culture as this will allow us to keep the culture we produce looking current and relevant.  Out great task is to put the eternal values of our race into modern cultural forms.  The values of the current hipster movement: nostalgia; sentimentality, taking refuge from the consumerism is ripe for the taking over by WN.  Indeed they are often accused of racism since the Establishment can sense their latent anti-Establishment values.

Of course the values of Skinheads and militants will always receive a warm welcome in any WN community, as it takes everyone to build a community.  Every community has its wildcards: the Arabs, the Aborigines, the Jews all have their hard men and brawlers.  We need ours and they need us.  Obviously we will also make a large allowance for peaceful negotiation and the support our militants receive will depend on the amount we are persecuted by the Establishment and its ancillaries.

Also we should celebrate and underline the great feeling that being White brings and the joy we all feel by being in close touch in our own hood.  I mean its great to be about our own B.I. but sometimes its just great to hang with the guys, have a few drinks, kick back and stumble home.  So whatever we want to call this feeling we have to just communicate the bliss that is community.  I mean most people don’t even know their next-door neighbours.  At least in a WN community you have some solid allies you can really rely on – and that makes you feel just awesome.

And the great thing about culture is that no matter how much you produce, tee shirts, posters, plays, etc., people will incessantly consume it, especially young people.  So you can basically never produce enough.  People naturally gravitate toward cultural people too, despite themselves.  Often it’s the way that people enter into a communities life – in fact its probably the main way.  People go to Newtown because its cultural area, and since the only politics is extreme liberal leftism, that tends to subtly characterise the area.

In fact the great disconnect of White nationalism from its own street culture is basically down to the fact that they have neglected to form a political community stronghold anywhere.  While the Marxists have formed up in Newtown, Glebe and increasingly Marrickville, us Sydney White Nationalists have basically decided to keep our political theory and activism separate from any notions of culture and community.

All this is counter intuitive to the whole being White ideology.  Ever since the Ice age Indo Europeans have formed effective cooperative societies and communities.  In fact the fact that White people can get on well, in large numbers, is our greatest strength.  We really should start to get things moving and not worry about being bold.  White Nationalism can only benefit from forming politically conscious communities.

Think about this for example.  Back in the late nineties One Nation was at its peak.  Pauline Hanson was the darling of the nation.  She was winning huge numbers of seats in the QLD state parliament.  Huge amounts of money were washing through One Nation (ON).  It spent something like thirty grand in a seat that the Liberals didn’t even contest – so it was obviously unwinnable.  But those amounts of money were, believe it or not, small change to ON back then.  Older nationalists tell me stories of how there were tens of thousands of paid up members, huge donations, packed meeting halls – basically every White Nationalist’s wet dream.

But fast forwards to the present day.  We all know what happened to ON.  Pauline made a few gaffes in the media.  The media gradually roasted her in the hundred ways it has of making anyone it wants look foolish.  The fact remains if you highlight anyone’s life enough something embarrassing comes up.  For example look at Jamie Packer brawling in the street at Bondi.  However Pauline wasn’t Jamie, and the abuse eventually ran down her public support.  Finally when her public support was at its lowest, and her last supporters down to their last dollars, through Tony Abbott and his Australians for Fair Politics slush fund, the Establishment moved in and delivered the a coup de grace and she was locked up on trumped up charges.

But what if the story was different.  What about if back in 1998, just when the media blows were beginning to intensify, Pauline had made an announcement to her huge numbers of loyal supporters:  “Everyone, we are setting up a suburb for White nationalists all hues, we’re going to be asking you all to come, its going to be a lot of fun, as we all work to overthrow the local liberal values that are keeping us down.  To start off, our businessmen have generously bought two local caravan parks and a motel for our less well off members…”

Now, we all know that Hanson would not have done this, because she wasn’t a WNist and didn’t have the foresight to see where she would end up.

However anyone with an ounce of imagination could see how a WN political community could have easily been formed at this juncture.  White Town, as she could have named it (we can dream), could have been any suburb in any city in Australia, and her supporters would have turned it into theirs.  Think of the amounts of members and money at her disposal.  Think how they could have rapidly burned holes in the fabric of liberal society, about how many properties they could have had under mortgage, how many shop selling to WN they could have had.  The effect would be like a blowtorch.

And it would still be with us today, growing every year.  Every WN across the nation on reaching maturity or earlier would be hitching rides up or down the coast, having heard about the insane bloc parties that happened in White Town: the safest, coolest, Whitest and brightest parties of them all.  Maybe come to hear the awesome bands that play live, or the insane things that large numbers of White People get up to on when they party.  Hey lets face it; no one parties like White People at a festival.

So in essence, the movement needs a refocus on community and culture and to stop separating its politics and community.  Broadly speaking, the public can’t digest our politics without some sort of community for them to see in action bringing our values to life.  Its pretty much that simple.  We need to counter the lies of the Establishment told about us by having a community in reality – not just online.  To get mainstream people to come across the gap we need to make a real life community for them to be a part of.  The quickest way for our values to go mainstream is to form up this community because it acts as a 24/7 advertisement for our values.

For example the values of the counter cultural movement in America didn’t break through to the mainstream of the public until they formed a community in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco in the early sixties.  Then it was just a matter of time.  Eventually they broke on through to the other side and today those values were the beginning of the wave of liberalism that still washes over us.  But if you carefully study the actually culture of the hippies, the clothes, the music, the posters – they were all White in origin.  The clothes were mostly White folk outfits, or Aryan influenced designs from India.  The music was again Folk or Rock or Aryan influenced Psychedelic rock.  The posters drew influences from early art nouveau style mainly, and where designed by White designers.

White Nationalists can have their own Haight Ashbury.  All it takes is a small concentration of WN’s to get the ball rolling.  It won’t be the Summer of Love tomorrow morning but it will happen.  We just have to patiently get the music / clothes / art / posters / cultural items production going.  Eventually there will be some much WN material in a certain area that a break through moment will occur: and it’s at this moment that our values will go mainstream irreversibly.

Roughly it will happen like this:  Nationalists move into an area, set up house, start drawing in more nationalists, eventually start a shop that sells WN stuff to WN’s, drawing in more.  At the same time regular social events are happening at all the houses, and eventually a social space gets established locally too, maybe a bar in someone’s room, or behind the shop after hours.  Raids occur, harassment happens, but since WN’s are a pretty tough bunch and it’s nothing we haven’t already dealt with, we keep going.  After a certain point there are so many White Nationalists living locally that they, along with their supporters, decide to hold a series of parties, perhaps over a summer.

It could start in a house; it could end up a massive street or block party.  Who knows?  I foresee that a summer long celebration would draw in massive crowds of White people who would find out through the mobiles and the Internet.  Remember the crowds of Cronulla?  Imagine if they decided to not go home and started camping on the nature strips and in the parks, and free meals were given out?  At some point there would be such huge numbers that the Establishment would have to accept our fait accompli: that our values are going mainstream.

At that point our WN would go into overdrive.  Production units would be set up, activists, actors, presenters, creators, would be flooding in, and organisers would be having a hard time to keep up.  WNism would achieve full spectrum dominance in the cultural sphere in a few short years, and from there it our road to political influence would be paved.

And the beautiful thing about everything I’ve spoken about above is that it is all 100% legit and legal.  How is living in a peaceful WN conscious community illegal?

This is the nightmare of every liberal and the dream of every White Nationalist.  Lets make it our reality.

Spring note

Its been a very mild winter, and we are nearly half way between Winter Solstice and the first day of Spring.  Holding regular social occasions (a few times a month) has caused us to find reasons to bring people together, meaning we’ve had to look back in time to what us White people used to revolve around.  Turns out its mainly seasonal based agricultural passing of the season/welcoming in the new temperature style events.  And since we have most of our events at this point outside you can really notice the changing temperature.  Being an urban dweller I’d totally passed by this aspect of White heritage, and its one of the small things I’m grateful that this community has made me aware of. Everyday we all experience a slight lifting of the spirits for every small step forward.  For example today a few of us helped another conscious white guy to move into another one of our guys’ spare rooms.  Most of the people who are expressing interest and coming at this point are youngish guys who are pretty mobile and free of constraints.  Luckily we have several houses that they can move into for a nominal rent.  Anyway my point is this: Before this community existed life was pretty unbearable as a white nationalist.  It was sort of like a constant wait for ‘things to get really bad’, or ‘they’ve got to get bad before they get better’.  Now this was fine to say and all agree on at meetings but afterwards, when you were alone, it didn’t stop the feelings of loneliness and isolation creeping in.  The main problem, as far as we could see, was that despite constant ‘wake up calls’, usually outrageous events our opponents would pull on the unconscious obsolete white community, nothing happened.  So life wore on, and we all tried to keep depression at bay while quietly continuing as best we could, between temporary shows of strength and camaraderie. This difference with living within the white nationalist community of Summer Hill is that those feelings are basically not there anymore.  Honestly I have not felt depressed once since I have been here.  Yes there have been moments of ‘creative friction’ with other people.  Yes there have been misunderstandings.  However because we have so much in common spiritually those problems don’t have the wildly destructive potential they had in the old white nationalist style ‘groups’.  And gradually, us social misfits are fitting together 😉 a   Groups become unimportant, fronts become just that: fronts.  Something lies behind them that is invincible, invisible, indivisible: the conscious White community.  Faces and individuals are important instead of party or group names.  Since we have such a deep spiritual common ground, trust is implied and assumed rather than the inverse.  Suddenly the information of one becomes the knowledge of everyone.  Its like having dozens of ears, listening over back fences, in shops, on the street.  Its knowing more than you should and seeing with a hundred eyes.  Its knowing the affairs of tramps and real estate agents.  Its seeing threats long before they arrive and being aware of opportunities in more places than you take advantage of.  Its being too busy to care with whats happening beyond your circle of concern which you never had any power over anyway.  It’s being more than who you are as an individual and seeing that personal strength flow into others, and their strength into you in turn.  Its watching your circle of influence constantly expand. Its easy to see now how our various opponents wanted to keep us all divided and powerless, while they each dominated their own section of the establishment.  Its hard to not make the analogy, but PLE is so powerful its like being on a WN version of MDMA caps. Back to the bit about the new room.  It was an older 1800’s house, and the floor was old dusty wooden floorboards but still in good condition mostly.  The week before we had removed a few broken boards.  The holes were still there.  We swept the dust out and carefully brought this young gentleman’s stuff inside.  We washed then wiped down the window panes and repainted the frames.  The missing floorboards will be replaced this week by a supportive carpenter from Balmain (a nearby suburb).  There was no fan fare or party when we brought in the final box, but standing around, sweaty and dusty, we knew something special had happened.  We walked to the shops and had a round of coffees (everyone seems to love coffee – a much under discussed White trait).  The community is slowly growing in both momentum and confidence.  More mattresses and bed frames are being brought in this week as well since we are planning more arrivals.  The most ordinary thing can take on an almost spiritual level of excitement, and this is just the beginning.