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solar tribal gathering at the fire place | 12 July | White Women’s Suffrage Day

We are having a gathering at the Summer Hill fire place this 12 July.  There will be cakes, salads, coleslaw, steaks, onions, snags, pasta salads, if I’ve forgotten something let us know.  The Skull should be there.  If you’re vego let me know and we will have some vegi patties made and stuff.  Oh and it would be fine and lovely if you could all remember to bring a bluebottle this time to cover us since we’re putting on drinks as well.

If none of this makes any sense and you want to come, email us in the about part of this blog.

We are celebrating 12 July 1902 when the Australian Parliament agreed to White Women’s Suffrage.  We support basic democratic franchise for all our people.  So 12 July is White Women’s Suffrage Day 🙂



The importance of food

Cooking and eating at home is always a good option.  Always.  There is nothing better than a home cooked dinner – its so personal.  Most white nationalists are pretty rootless and mobile people so they ALWAYS appreciate a meal at home.  Its such a novelty to them.  So not mentioning the saving in money, its a nice change.  Lets make it a permanent one.

Here is my humble attempt at dinner: vegitarian baked potatoes and cheesy vegetables:  DSC_0527 Maslow’s hierarchy of need posits food / sustenance as the first need.  Then comes shelter, love, social esteem, and self betterment.  No wonder a lot of other communities and charities start off with using food as a carrot to bring in wandering souls.

In the morning: cheese on toast.  A simple dish and transient young people seem to love it.DSC_0529In fact, we’re thinking of starting a saturday morning charity breakfast for disadvantaged members of the unconscious White community as part of our outreach.

Salmon and more cheesy vegetables: nutritious and simple to make if you have an oven.DSC_0531 Finally dinners and food in general is a great way to build links with people whose consciousness is raising.  So while our opponents outside are getting a bit wild over our rising up of a public community profile for Whites, lets quietly build our human resources through judicious and generous homemade meals 🙂

Community garden and historic local church

We’ve just been up to the local community garden to get some stuff and we took some photos on the way.

We grabbed some snaps of our own passionfruit vine – which is pretty leaf-less this time of year (we’re heading into winter in Sydney).

This is my version of the Golden Dawn meander.  Golden Dawn is obviously a popular topic among most nationalists and it wasn’t hard to use the bricks as a guide.DSC_0468

The passionfruit vine has lost most of its leaves at this time of year.  You can see the darkening fruit in contrast to the green leaves.DSC_0467

Look at these end of season passionfruit!  They will go really well in ice-cream or pavlova.  They will probably need a few more days for that green to disappear.  DSC_0470

These are old mansions from the 1880’s on Smith St.  Now mostly students and backpackers live in them. DSC_0476

On the way up the hill we ran into Neville.  Nev Jones is a Summer Hill regular and has been here for 28 years.  His wife was a fixture and they used to hang out together all the time.  But word is she’s passed on.   DSC_0477

This is part of the church.  As Neville told us it was built in 1885.  We’ll have to find out more about it.DSC_0496

Detail of the bell tower.DSC_0495

The front of the church hall next door to the actual church.DSC_0500

We walked down between the hall and church and found this above a door.  I think St Andrew’s has a bit of a military association.  Again this is something we’ll have to look up.DSC_0501We kept walking and then suddenly we came into a bit of a yard and found these chickens 🙂 They were as surprised as us and quickly disappeared back through the fence into their yard.DSC_0502The Community garden at 135 Smith St.DSC_0485Some lovely rocket.DSC_0486 Some baby leeks rhubarb and marigold.DSC_0487

Beans, comfrey, basin and chilli plant. DSC_0488

Baby spinach, sage, and baby beetroot. DSC_0489

Cabbage broccoli and kale.DSC_0490

Mint and aloe vera DSC_0491Here is the summer hill department store with stylish garments and homewares 🙂DSC_0517 Coming back down the hill is the original grand post office built around the turn of last century.  Summer Hill’s current  post office is a bit further down Smith St.DSC_0515And that’s all for today 🙂


Designs and other stuff

yeww.. had a  great BBQ yesterday..  Loads of nationalists turned up we had a fire and bagpipes and awesome food and everyone had a great time yeww lol..  Anyway, here’s some stuff for yar to check out.

tree of life,


yin and yang,

and sun wheel symbols..DSC_0455 Some new band (concept vinyl cover)DSC_0454 Various folky/summer fashion designs haha.DSC_0453 Various doddles // spot the runes on right..DSC_0452

Just some flowers with fresh chill / rosemary for dinner 🙂DSC_0451  DSC_0449

Tomorrow morning and a friend says hi 🙂DSC_0203

inner west whites | come together

Inner West Solar Tribe

This blog is all about supporting conscious White people living in the Inner West.  We are building a community of likeminded people and we welcome anyone who is cool with their background as a White person.  Its important to be confident in who you are and your background is part of this.  So celebrate it.  Btw solar tribe is just another way of saying White people.

I’ll think of some more things to say tomorrow, but this stuff will do for now:

One thing that is lots of fun is picking lemons.  There are lots of trees around here overflowing with fruit that usually falls on the ground and then just rots.  It’s super easy to ask the owner if you can take what they don’t want.  A lot of times people tell you to take all the fruit on the tree or in the garden.


Here’s what some that was gathered off one tree.  You can make heaps of things with fruit but mostly atm we have been making cordial and marmalade.  We’ve been getting some great bottles and jars from the Marrickville Markets and once you put the cordial or marmalade in them, print off a basic label, you have a really neat product that you can sell or trade or just give away for a bit of good will.

Btw if you’re a conscious White person and would appreciate a White community you’re more than welcome to say hello.

record player

This is the new high fi system we got.  It’s a Thorens turntable, HMV speakers, a turner and an amp (40 w).  It’s a beast.  We have a fair bit of vinyl here but we’re always looking for more.  We are planning to hold a vinyl party were everyone brings their favourite old records along.