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Inner West Solar Tribe

This blog is all about supporting conscious White people living in the Inner West.  We are building a community of likeminded people and we welcome anyone who is cool with their background as a White person.  Its important to be confident in who you are and your background is part of this.  So celebrate it.  Btw solar tribe is just another way of saying White people.

I’ll think of some more things to say tomorrow, but this stuff will do for now:

One thing that is lots of fun is picking lemons.  There are lots of trees around here overflowing with fruit that usually falls on the ground and then just rots.  It’s super easy to ask the owner if you can take what they don’t want.  A lot of times people tell you to take all the fruit on the tree or in the garden.


Here’s what some that was gathered off one tree.  You can make heaps of things with fruit but mostly atm we have been making cordial and marmalade.  We’ve been getting some great bottles and jars from the Marrickville Markets and once you put the cordial or marmalade in them, print off a basic label, you have a really neat product that you can sell or trade or just give away for a bit of good will.

Btw if you’re a conscious White person and would appreciate a White community you’re more than welcome to say hello.

record player

This is the new high fi system we got.  It’s a Thorens turntable, HMV speakers, a turner and an amp (40 w).  It’s a beast.  We have a fair bit of vinyl here but we’re always looking for more.  We are planning to hold a vinyl party were everyone brings their favourite old records along.


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