Community garden and historic local church

We’ve just been up to the local community garden to get some stuff and we took some photos on the way.

We grabbed some snaps of our own passionfruit vine – which is pretty leaf-less this time of year (we’re heading into winter in Sydney).

This is my version of the Golden Dawn meander.  Golden Dawn is obviously a popular topic among most nationalists and it wasn’t hard to use the bricks as a guide.DSC_0468

The passionfruit vine has lost most of its leaves at this time of year.  You can see the darkening fruit in contrast to the green leaves.DSC_0467

Look at these end of season passionfruit!  They will go really well in ice-cream or pavlova.  They will probably need a few more days for that green to disappear.  DSC_0470

These are old mansions from the 1880’s on Smith St.  Now mostly students and backpackers live in them. DSC_0476

On the way up the hill we ran into Neville.  Nev Jones is a Summer Hill regular and has been here for 28 years.  His wife was a fixture and they used to hang out together all the time.  But word is she’s passed on.   DSC_0477

This is part of the church.  As Neville told us it was built in 1885.  We’ll have to find out more about it.DSC_0496

Detail of the bell tower.DSC_0495

The front of the church hall next door to the actual church.DSC_0500

We walked down between the hall and church and found this above a door.  I think St Andrew’s has a bit of a military association.  Again this is something we’ll have to look up.DSC_0501We kept walking and then suddenly we came into a bit of a yard and found these chickens 🙂 They were as surprised as us and quickly disappeared back through the fence into their yard.DSC_0502The Community garden at 135 Smith St.DSC_0485Some lovely rocket.DSC_0486 Some baby leeks rhubarb and marigold.DSC_0487

Beans, comfrey, basin and chilli plant. DSC_0488

Baby spinach, sage, and baby beetroot. DSC_0489

Cabbage broccoli and kale.DSC_0490

Mint and aloe vera DSC_0491Here is the summer hill department store with stylish garments and homewares 🙂DSC_0517 Coming back down the hill is the original grand post office built around the turn of last century.  Summer Hill’s current  post office is a bit further down Smith St.DSC_0515And that’s all for today 🙂



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