solar tribal gathering at the fire place | 12 July | White Women’s Suffrage Day

We are having a gathering at the Summer Hill fire place this 12 July.  There will be cakes, salads, coleslaw, steaks, onions, snags, pasta salads, if I’ve forgotten something let us know.  The Skull should be there.  If you’re vego let me know and we will have some vegi patties made and stuff.  Oh and it would be fine and lovely if you could all remember to bring a bluebottle this time to cover us since we’re putting on drinks as well.

If none of this makes any sense and you want to come, email us in the about part of this blog.

We are celebrating 12 July 1902 when the Australian Parliament agreed to White Women’s Suffrage.  We support basic democratic franchise for all our people.  So 12 July is White Women’s Suffrage Day 🙂



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