The importance of food

Cooking and eating at home is always a good option.  Always.  There is nothing better than a home cooked dinner – its so personal.  Most white nationalists are pretty rootless and mobile people so they ALWAYS appreciate a meal at home.  Its such a novelty to them.  So not mentioning the saving in money, its a nice change.  Lets make it a permanent one.

Here is my humble attempt at dinner: vegitarian baked potatoes and cheesy vegetables:  DSC_0527 Maslow’s hierarchy of need posits food / sustenance as the first need.  Then comes shelter, love, social esteem, and self betterment.  No wonder a lot of other communities and charities start off with using food as a carrot to bring in wandering souls.

In the morning: cheese on toast.  A simple dish and transient young people seem to love it.DSC_0529In fact, we’re thinking of starting a saturday morning charity breakfast for disadvantaged members of the unconscious White community as part of our outreach.

Salmon and more cheesy vegetables: nutritious and simple to make if you have an oven.DSC_0531 Finally dinners and food in general is a great way to build links with people whose consciousness is raising.  So while our opponents outside are getting a bit wild over our rising up of a public community profile for Whites, lets quietly build our human resources through judicious and generous homemade meals 🙂


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