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Imbolc 2nd August

a bit cold
DSC_0584 gary on the bagpipes – blurred2014-08-02_18.41.02 2014-08-02_18.45.17 someones birthday as well


Spring note

Its been a very mild winter, and we are nearly half way between Winter Solstice and the first day of Spring.  Holding regular social occasions (a few times a month) has caused us to find reasons to bring people together, meaning we’ve had to look back in time to what us White people used to revolve around.  Turns out its mainly seasonal based agricultural passing of the season/welcoming in the new temperature style events.  And since we have most of our events at this point outside you can really notice the changing temperature.  Being an urban dweller I’d totally passed by this aspect of White heritage, and its one of the small things I’m grateful that this community has made me aware of. Everyday we all experience a slight lifting of the spirits for every small step forward.  For example today a few of us helped another conscious white guy to move into another one of our guys’ spare rooms.  Most of the people who are expressing interest and coming at this point are youngish guys who are pretty mobile and free of constraints.  Luckily we have several houses that they can move into for a nominal rent.  Anyway my point is this: Before this community existed life was pretty unbearable as a white nationalist.  It was sort of like a constant wait for ‘things to get really bad’, or ‘they’ve got to get bad before they get better’.  Now this was fine to say and all agree on at meetings but afterwards, when you were alone, it didn’t stop the feelings of loneliness and isolation creeping in.  The main problem, as far as we could see, was that despite constant ‘wake up calls’, usually outrageous events our opponents would pull on the unconscious obsolete white community, nothing happened.  So life wore on, and we all tried to keep depression at bay while quietly continuing as best we could, between temporary shows of strength and camaraderie. This difference with living within the white nationalist community of Summer Hill is that those feelings are basically not there anymore.  Honestly I have not felt depressed once since I have been here.  Yes there have been moments of ‘creative friction’ with other people.  Yes there have been misunderstandings.  However because we have so much in common spiritually those problems don’t have the wildly destructive potential they had in the old white nationalist style ‘groups’.  And gradually, us social misfits are fitting together 😉 a   Groups become unimportant, fronts become just that: fronts.  Something lies behind them that is invincible, invisible, indivisible: the conscious White community.  Faces and individuals are important instead of party or group names.  Since we have such a deep spiritual common ground, trust is implied and assumed rather than the inverse.  Suddenly the information of one becomes the knowledge of everyone.  Its like having dozens of ears, listening over back fences, in shops, on the street.  Its knowing more than you should and seeing with a hundred eyes.  Its knowing the affairs of tramps and real estate agents.  Its seeing threats long before they arrive and being aware of opportunities in more places than you take advantage of.  Its being too busy to care with whats happening beyond your circle of concern which you never had any power over anyway.  It’s being more than who you are as an individual and seeing that personal strength flow into others, and their strength into you in turn.  Its watching your circle of influence constantly expand. Its easy to see now how our various opponents wanted to keep us all divided and powerless, while they each dominated their own section of the establishment.  Its hard to not make the analogy, but PLE is so powerful its like being on a WN version of MDMA caps. Back to the bit about the new room.  It was an older 1800’s house, and the floor was old dusty wooden floorboards but still in good condition mostly.  The week before we had removed a few broken boards.  The holes were still there.  We swept the dust out and carefully brought this young gentleman’s stuff inside.  We washed then wiped down the window panes and repainted the frames.  The missing floorboards will be replaced this week by a supportive carpenter from Balmain (a nearby suburb).  There was no fan fare or party when we brought in the final box, but standing around, sweaty and dusty, we knew something special had happened.  We walked to the shops and had a round of coffees (everyone seems to love coffee – a much under discussed White trait).  The community is slowly growing in both momentum and confidence.  More mattresses and bed frames are being brought in this week as well since we are planning more arrivals.  The most ordinary thing can take on an almost spiritual level of excitement, and this is just the beginning.