We Are White and all Charlie Hebdo

KING-RICHARD-VS-THE-UNTOUCHABLESKING RICHARD, Charlie Hebdo VS THE UNTOUCHABLES (picture): Both King Richard and Charlie Hebdo stood firm in face of darkness.

Let us firstly extend our deepest condolences to our French cousins. Inevitably the night is darkest before the dawn light and that slow dawn has begun in the the heart of Europe : France.

Nationalism is the New Drugs


Today as we laid flowers at the French consulate a marked sense of loss could be gauged among the consular staff and visitors.

Generally the feeling among all White people I met today was that this is a problem that we have to solve.  There is no more tolerance, this hopeless charade of trying to change someones genetic inheritance, this hideous culture of barbarism growing within our traditional living spaces, in the last few decades has its limits.

One topic we have discusses is the phonemenum of the Leftist – Rightist.  This event has polarised the activist, academic, journalist and media production communities of the Global Aryan West.  Our position here in Sydney is that if a person comes over to us, with no malice in their heart, then we will accept and protect them.

We urge all Whites everywhere to have the phone number of your local police unit geographically as well as the city central police command handy if an incident develops.  Reporting crime keeps it safe for everyone and uncomfortable for invaders.


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