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Lamb roast and veggies

This is a lamb roast we made the other night. ¬†A fair few WN’s are starting to visit us so we pull out the old favourite a fair bit. ¬†This particular time we took happy snaps.


The roast, in all its glory.


This is sunlight soap which you can use for everything and is really cheap.  Dish washing, clothes washing, hands, wool washing (with a few drops of Eucalyptus oil & cold water), polishing sinks and cleaning surfaces this stuff is the best.



Social event and cooking

Hey hey its been a while between posts. ¬†Here is a bit of the 12 July White Woman Suffrage celebrations. ¬†Obviously we had a fire, but you can’t see the bagpipes playing. ¬†Thanks for coming over Gary we really liked your company.DSC_0558 DSC_0559But you can see the excellent cake we baked for the 12 July celebrations. ¬†Its a chocolate mocha cake with the Celtic Cross.cake WPThis is a steak normandy¬†casserole we made for a dinner party we had some visitors to the PLE (our conscious white community).DSC_0550And some macadamia shortbread. ¬†This was really nice.DSC_0551The Celtic Cross with modern patterns inside.¬†¬†DSC_0560¬†This is a design based on Beaker Folk (Indo European)¬†pottery patterns found in ancient Kurgans in Europe and Asia.DSC_0561¬†Six spoked sun wheel with modern patterns and runes.DSC_0562

solar tribal gathering at the fire place | 12 July | White Women’s Suffrage Day

We are having a gathering at the Summer Hill fire place this 12 July. ¬†There will be cakes, salads, coleslaw, steaks, onions, snags, pasta salads, if I’ve forgotten something let us know. ¬†The Skull should be there. ¬†If you’re vego let me know and we will have some vegi patties made and stuff. ¬†Oh and it would be fine and lovely if you could all remember to bring a bluebottle this time to cover us¬†since we’re putting on drinks¬†as well.

If none of this makes any sense and you want to come, email us in the about part of this blog.

We are celebrating 12 July 1902 when the Australian Parliament agreed to White Women’s¬†Suffrage. ¬†We support basic democratic franchise for all our people. ¬†So 12 July¬†is White Women’s Suffrage Day ūüôā


The importance of food

Cooking and eating at home is always a good option.  Always.  There is nothing better than a home cooked dinner Рits so personal.  Most white nationalists are pretty rootless and mobile people so they ALWAYS appreciate a meal at home.  Its such a novelty to them.  So not mentioning the saving in money, its a nice change.  Lets make it a permanent one.

Here is my humble attempt at dinner: vegitarian baked potatoes and cheesy vegetables: ¬†DSC_0527¬†Maslow’s hierarchy of need posits food / sustenance as the first need. ¬†Then comes shelter, love, social esteem, and self betterment. ¬†No wonder a lot of other communities and charities start off with using food as a carrot to bring in wandering souls.

In the morning: cheese on toast. ¬†A simple dish and transient young people seem to love it.DSC_0529In fact, we’re thinking of starting a saturday morning charity breakfast for disadvantaged members of the unconscious White community as part of our outreach.

Salmon and more cheesy vegetables: nutritious and simple to make if you have an oven.DSC_0531¬†Finally dinners and food in general is a great way to build links with people whose consciousness is raising. ¬†So while our opponents outside are getting a bit wild over our rising up of a public community profile for Whites, lets quietly build our human resources through judicious and generous homemade meals ūüôā