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Summer Hill supports Darren Wilson

We support White Police everywhere and our thoughts are with this young gentleman..SUMMER DARREN


Social event and cooking

Hey hey its been a while between posts.  Here is a bit of the 12 July White Woman Suffrage celebrations.  Obviously we had a fire, but you can’t see the bagpipes playing.  Thanks for coming over Gary we really liked your company.DSC_0558 DSC_0559But you can see the excellent cake we baked for the 12 July celebrations.  Its a chocolate mocha cake with the Celtic Cross.cake WPThis is a steak normandy casserole we made for a dinner party we had some visitors to the PLE (our conscious white community).DSC_0550And some macadamia shortbread.  This was really nice.DSC_0551The Celtic Cross with modern patterns inside.  DSC_0560 This is a design based on Beaker Folk (Indo European) pottery patterns found in ancient Kurgans in Europe and Asia.DSC_0561 Six spoked sun wheel with modern patterns and runes.DSC_0562